Jamila Nasim

I received my undergraduate degree in biotechnology. I initially developed interest in studying cancer biology and interaction of drugs but I slowly grew more interest towards the agricultural study. This did not just happen in a matter of split seconds but rather took me a while to reach to this point. Now I could not think of something better. I am quite intrigued by studying the biology of fungi and its adaptation to the host immunity. Currently I am an Advance Master’s degree student, my interests are mainly in studying DNA modifications. My main research will be focusing on the role of methylation in regulation genes and TE expressions in haustoria of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. Tritici (Pst); a wheat rust fungus. Apart from all the research talk, I am a very outspoken person and love to socialize. I am an adventurer, a roller skater, a wake boarder, a snow boarder and a kite surfer; an amateur not a pro though. I never get tired of outdoor activities and can go for hours. Lastly, I believe I have become a part of a great team and I am looking forward to learn and develop my research skills with Schwessinger Group.