Bayantes Dagvadorj

I am a Senior Research Officer in the Schwessinger lab. My research focuses on the intricate interaction of plants and plant pathogens specifically on understanding how these interactions result in susceptibility or resistance of plants to the pathogens. This might help to develop new strategies to improve plant health and thereby world food security. In Schwessinger lab, I focus on wheat stripe rust disease. In particular, I study the pathogen secreted molecules called avirulence proteins, which are recognized by plant resistance gene products and trigger plant immune responses.

Previous experience: I received my PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology from Middle East Technical University in Turkey (2016). Following this, I took up a postdoctoral research fellow position in the laboratory of Prof. Peter Solomon at the Research School of Biology, ANU (2018-2021). My previous studies were related to wheat fungal diseases, and much of my previous research focused on using model plant systems to understand the function of pathogen effector proteins.