Contributions of Team Schwessinger to Open Science

Team Schwessinger is dedicated to open science, and holds it as one of their most important principles when working in the lab. Listed here are some of Benjamin and the team’s contributions to making data sharing more available and accessible to all in the community.

Advanced Scientific Programming in Python

Earlier in 2019, Benjamin helped organise the 2nd Advanced Scientific Programming in Python for Asia Pacific.
To learn more about what happened, please click here.

PoreCamp Australia 2017

In 2017, Benjamin Schwessinger helped to organise PoreCamp2017, an intensive training “bootcamp” based around the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing platform.
To learn more about PoreCamp 2017, please click here.

Nanopore Sequencing Workshop at the ANU 2017

In 2017, Benjamin helped to organise a Nanopore Sequencing Workshop, hosted at the ANU, and aimed to assist beginner and intermediate learners of the technology how to obtain better and more consistent results from the technology. For more information on this workshop, please click here.

The Early-career Advisory Group

Team Schwessinger is proud to have a representative on the Early-career Advisory Board. Starting in 2017, Benjamin hopes to take action in reforming journal publication and research communication in the scientific community. To learn more about Benjamin in this group, please click here, and here.
To learn more about eLife, the organisation in charge of the Early-career Advisory Board, please click here.

RSB EMCR Future Conference 2016

In 2016, Benjamin Schwessinger was an organiser of the 2016 RSB EMCR Future Conference.
For further information about this, please click here. Ambassadors

From 2016, Team Schwessinger is a proud ambassador for, a collaborative platform and preprint server dedicated to making scientific method reproducible.
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Retractions and errors in Science

Retractions are often a difficult, stigmatised and frustrating process for researchers. If it, however, regrettably happens, responding in the way that Benjamin and his lab did when retracting a paper in 2015 was able to rebuild scientific trust and respect in the community for their lab once more, and is now considered an excellent example of how retractions and mistakes in science can be handled.
To learn more about this, please click here, here, here, here, and here.

Future of Research for Bay Area

In 2015, Team Schwessinger was proud to be involved in and to support the Future of Research (FOR) organisation in the Bay Area, which strives to positvely change academia through more inclusiveness, more openness, better communication, better training and better mentoring.
To learn more about FOR, please click here, and here.

ASAPbio Ambassadors

In 2015, Team Schwessinger became proud ambassadors of ASAPbio, a scientist-driven nonprofit working to address this problem by promoting innovation and transparency in life sciences communication.
To learn further about ASAPbio, please click here.